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on 09-21-2007

Customers Suck!

Any resemblance to Customers Suck by the very talented (and sexy) Jennie Breeden (also of The Devil's Panties fame) is purely coincidental. Some of you might remember her from our links section. Also, I don't know why I just hyperlinked her, because she has far more traffic than we do, and certainly does not need any paltry plugging from OUR little webcomic. We had a chance to meet up with her at Wizard World Chicago last month and bask in her coolness in person. Go check out her strip if you feel like being further entertained and are running out of FARTS strips to read.

Stay tuned next week for a follow-up to this comic, this idiotic customer story is not quite over yet. Also, coming up the week after that, the triumphant return of the almighty Amy to her FARTS glory! Be there, BE THERE!

said Scott

on 09-21-2007

More CAMERA STORE Customer stories..

It's one thing to confuse one store for another when trying to return something.. but it's another thing to be mad at the salesman for your own mistake. Unfortunately that seems to happen more often than it should. I have a personal belief that everyone should work a retail job at some point of their lives to learn how to be a better customer.

I don't work at the Camera Store anymore, but there's plenty of left over stories such as this that are waiting to be turned into FARTS.

This story continues next week!

said AleX





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