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on 10-05-2007

The ever crypric David Lynch

Anyone who is actively looking for a good ol' mindfuck should watch Eraserhead. It was David Lynch's first film, and arguably his most confusing (watch Mulholland Drive for comparison). Lynch has made a habit of not commenting on the meaning of his more confusing works; and I have a theory as to why this is. The "meaning" is to incite thought and dialog, to make people question what it means to them. If Lynch made specific comments regarding the meaning of his various mindfuckery, then there would be nothing left for anyone to guess; what it means to him does not have to be what it means to anyone else. I have long held the belief that art is 100% perception, it means only what the viewer/listener wants it to mean, and the meaning is as different as the people perceiving it. What the creator says it means (if anything) is only their perception of it; being an artist may give them a greater degree of insight, but that is all.

I believe the statements Amy made on that day fairly effectively summarize how many of us feel about Lynch. It is a love-hate relationship. Smoke pours from your ears as you watch, but you cannot stop because you feel compelled to at least try to make some sense out of it.

There could be many comics about Amy's various comments on movies while watching them. We might see a few more such stories, but we don't want it to become an over-used topic, and FARTS is not a movie comic.

said Scott

on 10-05-2007

Will you marry me, Davey?

That's my pet name for him.

So, I don't remember my actual "I'm gonna write him a letter" rant during the movie. The one featured here is a bit improvised. Alex called me to get an idea of what I would say (p.s. It's "PUNT your head down the street"), and that's what I gave her. She added the "sleepless nights" bit. I'm pretty sure whatever I said was more compact and contained a few more choice words. Either way, you get the idea that David Lynch drives me crazy...

...with desire!

Edit Aaaall rrrriiiiight. I accidentally posted a rant for 2006.
said Amy

on 10-05-2007


It's hard to remember Amy's awesome rant word for word. Scott was helping me and then I called Amy to help me, too. She didn't remember exactly what she said either. Anyway, it was really funny, because Amy IS AWESOME! :D

It has been a long while since Amy was last in any FARTS. This little incident happened sometime last month or so, when Amy stopped by to hang out with us. Amy, you need to come over more often! We need to hang out more! YES!

said AleX





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