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on 10-12-2007

A Practical Solution

Alex asked me to provide her with another guest comic this week, to allow her time to focus on some other projects. There was only one story I wanted to do, and it involved Alex being in the shower. My choice to do stick figures is a practical one for several reasons, not the least of which was negating the need to censor the unavoidable nudity involved with shower scenes. I was actually going to attempt to draw properly for this guestie, as I attempted the last time, but Alex had taken all the pencils we had with her to work, making the gradual process of sketching rather difficult. I picked up a pen with the intention to do a few rough copies until I felt good with what I had, starting with a basic stick figure storyboard. Well the stick figures turned out pretty well, and solved the nudity dilemma simultaneously. Alex liked it, so we left it well enough alone.

This is a tale of fairly recent events, unlike some of Alex's proper FARTS comics which have been known to stretch the memory back a year or two at times. There is still a story I have been asking her to do for a very long time, but she keeps putting it off, saying it is too complicated and takes too many frames. I showed her a simplified script and storyboard to prove that it was not as difficult as she thought; but she still has not done it. I have thought about doing it myself as a guestie, and I might still; but I fear now that the story is so old that is has become somewhat irrelevant. It pertains directly to the comics, and many would likely have no idea why I was blathering on so.

Fear not, FARTS will return next week (I hope); and the next guestie you see from me will be drawn somewhat more properly, within the constraints of my own limited artistic capabilities of course.

Feel free to join the forums and express your displeasure with today's comic. I do not post there often, if at all, yet I am known to read the FARTS section on occasion. Go there if you wish to yell (figuratively) at me.

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