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on 10-20-2007

Things you do NOT want to explain to your mother

The whole time this was going on, Alex was busy laughing her ass off in the background, "dying" as she puts it. Apparently she had the sinister notion of giving the phone to me just so she could see how I reacted, and take notes in the process for future use. Well, the future is now.

Alex asked me to proofread the comic before she posted it, and so I did. Then she made some changes at the last moment, just before uploading the image file. Of course when she changes words without consulting me first, I do not have the opportunity to catch her mistakes. So when I tell her "there is a mistake here" in the middle of her shutting down her computer, her response is "too bad, I'll change it tomorrow."

I do try to take as much of an active role in this comic as I can, ranting, proofreading, helping Alex with wording and stories, occasionally providing poorly-drawn guest comics. It is somewhat personal when a comic gets uploaded with mistakes, because I feel responsible. Just so you all know, any time you see a spelling mistake, typo, syntax error, poor grammar or punctuation, or any other oversight involving the English language, it is because Alex has made the mistake and then uploaded the comic without consulting me. When you see this done in the archives (generally, any old comic), it remains unchanged because Alex has declined to do so.

The exception to this is when these things occur in my rants, of course.

If you are reading all this while gazing upon a grammatically flawless comic strip, then Alex has made the appropriate corrections with my counsel. This will likely happen sometime on Saturday.

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