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on 10-27-2007

It's just what I wanted

I love beer, oh how I love it. My liver got quite the workout during college. Even with my hard-drinking days very much over I was, until recently, known to demolish a 2-4 rather effectively when one is presented to me. Recent changes in my lifestyle have prevented me from enjoying it as much as I would like. Most notably getting married, but financial considerations also prohibit most luxuries in this household at the moment. Hence, me getting beer is a special treat.

The anniversary dinner was my gift to Alex, and the six-pack was her reward to me for my hard work.

I have no idea what other people give each other on anniversaries (beyond the cliché flowers and chocolate), and I really do not care. Around here it is never your typical celebration of any event. It is not so much about defying convention as it is about not giving a damn what other people say, think, or do. This is largely due to apathy, with a sprinkling of disdain.

Some of you might be thinking "Anniversary, but didn't they just get married a few months ago?" and you would bring up a good point. To Alex and I, the anniversary that matters is the one marking when we first became a couple; it was also the day of our first kiss, and a year later it became the day I proposed. Our wedding anniversary will also be important, but we shall continue to celebrate our original anniversary as we have thus far.

So Alex and I have been married only a few months, but we have been together for over four years. My father has a joke he likes to tell in reference to this gap of time for us married people. Upon being asked how long he has been married, he might respond with something like:

"Well I've been married twenty-seven years, and that's thirty with the windchill."

If you do not understand the joke, it might be because you live in a climate that does not experience several months of continuous sub-zero temperatures each year. On that note, I truly do pity anyone who has never seen snow; and I am not talking about in pictures or on the idiot-box. But I digress.

Maybe one of these days I will convince Alex to give me some space on her website here so I can do full-length thematic rants. This would not be a blog, oh no. I am thinking something like Maddox, only not as cool, because that is impossible. The news depresses me, every day there is more crap that makes me believe humanity is spiraling invariably toward existential suicide.

Save it, Scott, save it for the real rants.

said Scott

on 10-27-2007


...and thus this comic was also a day late again, this time because silly me forgot my inked drawings at work on Thursday. Oh well, last week's comic kicked ass, so it may as well get an extra day of being on the main page.

So my wonderful Canadian and I have been together for four years now! It's weird to think that. On one hand it's amazing that it's been four years already, and on the other hand it feels like we were a couple much longer than that. I love my Scott. He makes me so very happy :)

Scott loves beer and I despise it. Beer kisses are disgusting. Scott doesn't get to have beer very often, so it was a real treat for me to get it for him. The dinner he made was amazing. Scott turned out to be quite a talented cook once we got married. He made chicken in lemon-cream sauce of his own recipe. This was the best sauce I've EVER had! We also had garlic mashed potatoes and AleX salad (tomato and sour pickle creation of my own). For dessert we indulged ourselves in Scott's banana bread, which was actually more like cake than bread. Deeeelicious!

said AleX





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