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on 11-09-2007


I am sorry, but I am simply NOT a fan of the vast majority (about 98%) of "Christmas music" out there. Five years of working at the mall made me hate it so. I find this music annoying, especially when it's "pop". "Christmas Spirit" is a retail tool. Malls start playing Christmas music ealier and ealier each year, reminding everyone that Christmas is upon us and we need to start spending that money! Screw Halloween or Thanksgiving! CHRISTMAS is coming to town!

If you don't spend all you have for Christmas, then you are a bad bad person. So show everyone how much you care and how great you are by buying as much as you can! Buy! Buy! Buy! I prefer self-made gifts or thoughtful gifts, not the expensive or many gifts.

Anyway, this 24/7 Christmas music website really does exist. If unlike me, you dig this kind of stuff, check it out. I am still not going to let them put their ads on my site (although I realize I am giving them a free plug right now).

Now onto a cool kind of music that was allowed to advertise on FARTS: Captain Dan & the Scurvy Crew! It's pirate hip hop! It's probably the funniest site that has advertised on FARTS! Enjoy!

said AleX

on 11-09-2007


I don't like Christmas, and I don't like Christmas music. All Christmas does for me is keeps me behind locked doors for two weeks or so, since there is no sense in trying to go anywhere without running in to a lineup of smelly humans.

But the universe remains in balance for now, as the ad space brought our attention to Captain Dan. If you are a fan of nerdcore, or just a pirate freak, go give them a listen on their myspace.

Nerdcore is the exception to the rule in my books. I normally despise any rap-ish music of any variety, but I have enjoyed MC Hawking for many years now, and a few others of less notoriety.

For the record, I also despise myspace. As a social site, it is a complete failure; use facebook for that (has its drawbacks too). The only thing myspace is good for is music, I swear. The fact that it is one of the biggest (read: most visited) sites out there is evidence only to the undying stupidity of humanity.

So many things to despise, so little rant space to do so.

said Scott





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