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on 11-24-2007

Curiousity and Cats; insert punchline here

And she got right up on the edge of the toilet, peering in and sniffing to see what all the commotion was about.

No, FARTS has not turned in to "Scott's cat-themed doodling comic" or anything like that. Alex is busy with other projects, as has been known to happen every so often, so I am giving her a break.

Quistis has understandably permeated our daily lives since she got here, with her chirpy-purring and constant attention seeking. I am looking forward to when Alex acknowledges her presence by including her in a real FARTS comic.

The comic was delayed a day from Friday morning to Saturday morning (or late night, depending on your perspective), and you can blame thanksgiving for that. We were invited to two separate celebrations, one for lunch and one for dinner, so we were busy stuffing our faces (myself more than Alex) for most of the afternoon and evening. I typically do not care much for festivities, but a holiday based on the excuse to eat lots of delicious food? You don't have to tell me twice.

said Scott

on 11-24-2007

Hello my dear readers,

Today is Friday, but the comic will appear online on Saturday, making it a day late. Yesterday was Thursday. Yesterday was also the American Thanksgiving (Canada also has one, but it's much ealier). This is why the comic did not appear online on Friday. We were too busy eating the whole day long. We are still eating today. Food is good.

This is the second week of my husband's awesome guesties. I have had a lot to do for the last month, and Scott is helping me by relieving me of the FARTS duty for now. Yes, this means there will be no regular FARTS for another week. I really need a break from FARTS, I have needed it for a while. I was burning out, and starting to dislike working on FARTS. Now, I don't think anyone wants me to start to dislike making this comic, thus a break was needed. Lately my creative energies have been turned toward designing and making wedding invitations (two different types) for very good friends of mine. Also, I started drawing in my sketchbook again, and I am preparing to start updating that project online regularly again.

So yes, I can't say definitively when regular AleX-drawn FARTS will return again, but it shouldn't be any later than two more Scott guesties from now.

said AleX





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