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on 11-30-2007

Some Assembly Required

So passes the third guestie in a row from yours truly. I really did not feel like drawing the couch and my body six times over, so I did what many comic-makers do; drew a few extra facial expressions and used the same backdrop for each frame. Seems a bit like cheating to me, since the others were all pure sketches; but I am lazy, and I do not enjoy drawing as much as Alex does.

I also figured I would keep the Quistis theme going. She is the part I have enjoyed drawing most these past few comics. I don't think she came out as cute in this one as in the previous two, though.

So it seems as though next week will be another one of my poorly-drawn sketches, but that should be the last one, with your regularly scheduled comics returning on December 14th. Believe me, I miss FARTS too.

So stay tuned, same FARTS time, same yadda yadda you know the drill.

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