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on 12-14-2007

Dumb Sluts

I can recall high school, oh so long ago, every year there seemed to be some sort of unspoken competition between the sluttiest girls in school. In the late-fall/early-winter, the objective was to wear shorts or mini-skirts as long as possible; and in the late-winter/early-spring, the objective was to be wearing shorts or mini-skirts before anyone else.

Sadly this behaviour does not occur exclusively in the moronic high-school age bracket. I can recall college, not quite as long ago, where pretty much the same thing went on, just to a slightly lesser degree.

As to how many of these people were literally "sluts" (sexually permiscuous) I am unaware; but slutty is as slutty does, and they are certainly dressing the role.

This self-centred world of ours, people seem more concerned with their own rights and actions than anything else. Some people seem to think that they should be able to dress any way they want, put piercings and tattoos all over their faces, and no one else should be able to "judge" them for it, because that is "prejudice" and "ignorant". Well I've got news for you: While you cannot judge a book by it's cover, you are not going to see gardens and fluffy kittens on the cover of the next porno mag, and you are not going to see blood and gore on the cover of a recipe book.

The cover is never a complete picture, but it can be a strong indication of the contents. What sort of impression are you trying to give with a ring through your nose? What are you trying to tell people when you are showing off some T&A in negative twenty (celsius) weather?

Most people these days would rather act "cool" than act intelligent. Seems a lot of them also prefer acting "smart" to acting intelligent. Stop bitching about people attacking your right to "express yourself" and realize that there is this thing called human society, and it is NOT all about you.

Yes you are saying something with the way you dress, you are "expressing yourself". But what is it you are saying to others, what are you expressing? "Hi, look at me! LOOK AT ME! I'm a stupid attention-whore. HEY! Don't look at my ass. No I really don't want you to stop looking, I just want to be able to complain about you looking because it makes me feel better." You lose your right to complain about people looking at you when you choose to expose that much skin, and you have no right to complain about people forming preconceived notions about you when you dress specifically to that effect.

I hope the dumb slut featured in this comic got frostbite on her ass and had to have it amputated. Unfortunately, I am not that lucky.

said Scott

on 12-14-2007

Waist up she was bundled up for harsh winter

...but waist down she was ready for the beaches!
This happened last winter season, back when I still worked at the Camera Store located in a major suburban mall. Roger saw her, too. It was quite a sight. My coworker, Angeliki, just informed me that most likely this girl was working at Abercrombie&Fitch, because they are actually REQUIRED to wear flip flips and short skirts/shorts there. That's not an excuse to go flip-flopping yer nakkid arse around snowy freezing parking lot! Man, take a freaken change of pants and boots if you choose to work in a place like that. You want to look like a slut during winter, at least don't look like a dumb slut! ..although I realize that must be hard, since "slut" and "dumb" are not mutually exclusive..

Anyway, regular FARTS are back now! Thank you Scott, for allowing me to take a much needed break. I hope you guys enjoyed his guesties. Scott's FARTS guesties are the only ones you could consider "canon" because (unlike 90% of all the other guesties I have ever gotten) they are true, all true, factual authentic real true!

said AleX





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