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on 12-21-2007

This is your wake-up call... PET ME!

As I believe I have mentioned before, Quistis adjusted to life here quite quickly. She has known me since she was four weeks old, and she has always remembered Alex from every time she would visit me in Canada, even though those visits were about six months apart. So thankfully, she recognized the both of us immediately. She has always been a good traveler, calmly and silently making the near two-hour trip to the family cottage several times each summer, while her brother Stanley whined away the whole way there. The plane flight was a bit different, but she still took it quite well. We brought her back here and let her out of the cat carrier next to the bed, so she could run under it if she felt the need. She did, for about two seconds; then she began exploring, making about three laps around this place. A few hours later, she was laying down on the couch watching a movie with Alex and I. So yes, very comfortable in her new home.

Quistis has also made it a habit of sleeping on the bed with us each night if we allow her to do so. She likes waking us up in the morning at random times, wanting attention and/or food. Because of this, we have had to kick her out of the bedroom on weekends if we want to sleep in. She has been pretty good about not meowing or scratching outside our door when we do this, she just waits patiently until I get up and feed her.

Another thing she figured out pretty quickly, is that I am the one who gives her food. Lucky me, I am the one she usually goes after for food in the early mornings around 5 or 6 AM. But when Quistis wants attention, she seems to prefer Alex; reserving for Alex those ridiculously early 3 AM "pet me" wake-up calls.

Some of the more adorable of Quistis' qualities are difficult to convey in a comic form. Specifically, she makes a dove/pigeon-like chirping noise when she purrs, and often drags a long purr along before meowing. This always makes Alex let out a big "Awwwwwww!" We might post a video on noob-tube one of these days, and link it in a rant, so anyone who cares can see and hear.

I find it hard to close this rant without wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, or whatever other religious (or non-religious) occasions anyone reading this may be celebrating. Personally, I will be observing the Winter Solstice in my own way on Saturday (it is on the 22nd this year), but Saturnalia is ALL WEEK LONG!

said Scott

on 12-21-2007


This is not all that actually happened. If I drew everything she did, the comic would be waaay too long. Before Quistis started plopping her soft paw against my face, she gave me an AWESOME back massage. When she touched my face, she was very gently poking me. Her paw was so soft and warm though, it felt good. After she realized I will not react, she fell asleep on my head. It was so damn cute! I love our Quissy :)

While I was making this comic, Scott was reminded of this one animation we watched some time ago. I got to be faster with my rant posts, a reader (hi Mitch!) sent me the link to that same video right after the comic went up. For all of you who haven't see this one yet, enjoy:

Also if any of you have any idea who made that animation, please email me! All the versions of this video I have seen do not have the artist information on it. I would like to know who made it, so I could see more of their stuff.

said AleX

on 12-21-2007

Where credit is due

Special thanks to Rachel, who emailed Alex with the name of the creator of this film. We now know it was directed by Simon Tofield, who should get himself in the habit of animating his name in at the end of his creations so people can find out who he is. It seems that other people have been equally as mystified as ourselves here at FARTS.

He seems to be affiliated with something called Tandem Films, though there does not appear to be terribly much on that site.

Also, a personal note on the video (scroll up) in question: if you don't get it, you have obviously never owned a cat.

said Scott





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