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on 01-04-2008

Cats and trees

Quistis and her brother Stanley have always had some sort of unholy fascination with Christmas trees. Their very first Christmas, the both of them would climb the tree and perch themselves on the highest branches they could get to without knocking over the tree. Both of them at the same time; and sometimes (quite often actually) they would knock the tree over in the process.

That was their first Christmas, when the both of them were somewhat more lithe and svelte than they would became soon afterward. By their second Christmas, they were both larger, and could not mount the tree simultaneously as they used to; though they still knocked it over in the process. Now they are both rather large; even Quistis is larger than most cats, and she looks quite small next to Stanley. Quistis gave up last, but still knocked the tree over several more times before she did.

Two notes on this comic: First, Alex's father's dialog is deliberately written to be accurate to the way he actually talks; he IS Polish, after all. Second, Alex has once again insisted on her spelling of "wack" instead of the more accurate "whack". Though I tell her this, she still prefers the late-nineties-wigger spelling over the onomatopoeia spelling.

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