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on 02-15-2008

Strength not as "extra" as advertised

What can I say? I was rummaging in the bathroom cabinet for something (probably toilet paper) when I saw this seldom-used bottle of nail polish remover, except that the label on the bottle omitted the "nail" portion of that title. Alex got a good laugh afterward.

I find my posts have not been terribly witty of late. For this I apologize. It feels as though my brain is melting away; perhaps this is a very, very, (very) early sign of senility. I have always had a terrible memory, so what would I be like with Alzheimer's disease? Alex hopes she never has to find out the hard way, and I hope that I won't have to remember experiencing it. At least I am in luck in this regard.

said Scott

on 02-15-2008

No, no, no

Scott did not pour nail polish remover into my hair, or any part of my body. He simply rubbed the safely closed bottle against my head. My big dork thought he was SO clever. I thought so too.

So not many of you may realize that I started updating my Lost in a Sketchbook again. There will be at least three updates a week; Monday through Wednesday or beyond. I have enough pages finished to keep on updating for the next four months. Check it out if you will. Yes.


said AleX





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