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on 03-14-2008

Never again.

Scott and I drove to Canada on March 1st, and got back on March 11th. The drive was 14 hours each way. Scott is a good driver. Our vacation was pretty fun minus the winter wonderland extreme. It was very good to see Scott's family again and hang out with his friends. We also saw our kitty's brother, Stanley, who kept following me around. At the end of our stay we were missing Quistis very badly. Amy was taking care of her while we were gone.

We were supposed to leave on Sunday, but ended up leaving on Monday. Ottawa decided to make us stay a little longer by dumping an insane amount of snow on us overnight. The snowflakes were the size of my fists at a point! I have to say that I have had enough snow till 2009 after this. On the way home we were surrounded by snowy scenery wherever we looked. What I found pretty funny was that the moment we crossed the border the hardcore winter was gone and we were greeted with mild Spring and disappearing snow. Now we are home in the burbs of Chicago and temperatures in the 50s. No more snow! Hallelujah!

I am not going to vacation in Canada during winter ever again.

See the amazing photos:
- Scott is 6'3", how tall is the pile of snow next to him?
- Alex surrounded by snow
- Neighborhoods

Ottawa is still getting snow right now. I am happy to be home and I hope they will get their own Spring soon as well.

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