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on 03-21-2008

The Harsh Reality

The comic pretty much says it all. It was most likely Farscape we were watching at the time, though it could easily have been Babylon 5, or one of any number of other nerdy science fiction shows we watch. The list is long, but distinguished; and not limited to shows containing the word "star" somewhere in their title (though we like those too).

Does anyone else realize what garbage television is these days, or are you all too busy watching your reality shows? Alex and I do not even have any television service at home, because there is so little worth watching. Someone let me know when all television is entirely "on demand" and there are no more schedules, prime-time, or sweeps week. Perhaps then I will consider it. At the moment, I am unwilling to pay $50+ per month to watch re-runs of shows I already have on DVD, and the occasional episode of whatever few shows happen to not completely suck at the time.

As with many things technology related, I like to live a few years in the past. Right now I can buy a $1000 computer that would have cost four times as much just two or three years ago. I do not own any of the latest generation of video game systems (X360, Wii, PS3) because I am not in any huge rush to play any of their games. The games and systems will still be around in a few years, and they will be much cheaper, yet they will still be the same games and I will enjoy them just as much. The same applies to TV shows. The shows I know I like, I buy on DVD when I can, when they are available; and there are many other things to do in life than watch TV all the time. Having sex, for example, I find to be a particularly enjoyable recreational activity.

When the time comes that I do have television again, I will maintain an active boycott of TNT and FOX for the premature deaths of what would likely have been two of my favourite shows of all time; Crusade and Firefly, respectively.

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