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on 04-25-2008

Mr. Relaxation

This has become Stanley's trademark; lounging around the house wherever seems most convenient to him at the time, tongue usually sticking out. He seems to be a reincarnation of the original Mr. Relaxation, Ned, a cat we had while I was growing up. They are definitely kindred spirits. They are/were both particularly large cats as well. Stanley is about 22 pounds, and Ned was 25 pounds at his peak, "slimming" down to 20 pounds later on. Even Quistis is no small cat at 14 pounds, though she is definitely very ladylike.

There are many stories of Stanley and the various reactions people have upon seeing him in one of his more restful states. Those who do not know him are usually taken aback when they see him in one of his seemingly deceased states. He might make some more appearances in FARTS as time goes on.

Also, I apologize for the recent irregularity of updates. Life gets hectic at times, as you all should know. So all you FARTS fans, both of you, keep tuning in every week to check for new comics. We hope to not disappoint you all of the time.

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