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on 05-09-2008

And so there it is!

No, I'm actually NOT left-handed. I just accidentally drew myself that way and just realized that today. I always see things in my head as if looking through a mirror, so it always takes me a minute to figure out left from right. I am still compelled to draw driver's side on the passenger side whenever I draw scenes inside cars, and I actually had to flip my drawings before. Bah, my brain works weird.

Anyway, as you have gathered from the last month of strange updates -- I am having trouble with getting the comic done. There is a lot of stuff happening (mostly my daily routine is getting messed up by major changes at my work) and my usual free time to make comic is gone. Even more changes are to come next week, so it's very likely there will be no real comic next Friday. I don't know about you, but I think that sucks. :( If you want to help me out, you can write me an encouraging email.

Lost in a Sketchbook will still continue updating 3-4 times a week, but I might forget again to post new pages on the weekend, making all of the updates late, like I did this week. Sorry.

In other news, my Biscuit Press buddy Sam came out with a full-colored book filled with Random Assembly comics and random artwork. You can get it from her through Etsy, and she will even draw a little thing inside it too. There's only 11 books left for sale! Speaking of Etsy, I am planning on perhaps using that place to sell some of my art stuff. I will keep you guys posted.


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