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on 06-13-2008

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Thank you, Katsu (whohasawebsitenowWHOO clickhere!), for anther guestie. She didn't draw AleX in that comic, she drew herself. Yes, she looks a little bit like me.

Here's for some sad news. I need to face it -- I am busy. I am very busy. My department at work is so damn busy right now that all three (yes, they will also hire more people) of us have been asked to put in overtime. So now, not only I am loosing 2 hours of the day on the commute everyday, but also at least 4 more hours on weekends. Furthermore, I have been asked to do two freelance jobs on the side. Because of all of this, I will not be able to work on FARTS for the next couple of weeks.

I will try hard to get something, anything up on Fridays, but don't keep your hopes up -- it will most likely not be a regular FARTS comic. Lost in a Sketchbook, however, will continue to update, Monday through Wednesday. There may be actual comics there.

When will the regular FARTS return? Probably sometime in July. I will keep you updated.

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