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on 08-22-2008

Ghost Stories

I have never been freaked out by ghost stories, not even the ones that supposedly happened in my own family cottage. The locals tell their own stories about the place, the vast majority of them being complete flights of fancy. The stories I told Alex were the stories told by members of my own family.

When I told her these stories, I was not trying to scare her at all, I was just relating the stories I knew, because she asked me. I thought nothing of it afterward, and went to sleep. Apparently she was freaked out the entire time we were there.

Later in the night, after the events depicted in this comic, I had to get up and use the washroom. Since there is no running water up there, the "washroom" is an outhouse about 30 metres away from the front door. Alex did not want to be left alone in the house, so she chose to come outside with me. The outhouse is a one-person structure, so she had to wait outside. As I was sitting in the outhouse, I heard her scream at the top of her lungs. My first thoughts were that an animal had strayed on to the property and freaked her out. Foxes and deer are fairly common up there, but it has happened before that a bear has been spotted on our property. I started pulling up my pants and asking Alex "What is it?!?", she seemed to calm a bit when she said it was nothing.

Nothing? Well whaddya mean "nothing"? You have to have seen something and either been startled by it or mistaken it for something else.

It was a tree.

As I was in the outhouse, she was standing outside the door with a flashlight, shining it around the property, probably looking nervously for wild animals or ghosts, since she was already freaked out. She had shone the flashlight on a particularly gnarled part of an old tree on the front lawn, and thought it looked like some sort of twisted human form creeping up on her from behind the tree. Perhaps I can convince her to post a picture of said tree and one of her subsequent sketches of it after the events of my story.

It always seemed a rather innocent thing to me. When I was a child, my parents had hung a swing from a mostly horizontal branch of that tree, and I can remember myself and my siblings swinging from the tree, climbing it, and playing around the base of it. I see it and it just looks like that old tree, but Alex sees it and it looks creepy and unfamiliar. Especially from the angle at which she saw it, especially in the night, and especially after I had told her all those ghost stories. I suppose, ultimately and as usual, I am to blame for it all.

said Scott

on 08-22-2008

The Haunted House and the Scary Tree

Hurray for new FARTS! Last time this happened was a few weeks ago. FARTS is not back from hiatus yet, I just actually managed to updated again, WHOOHOO! This might happen again next week, but don't hold your breath. More likely another new comic will show up here two weeks from now.

So anyway, I hope you all enjoyed this week's FARTS and Scott's rant. The events pictured happened a couple of summers ago. Scott was nice enough to tell me all those ghost stories on my very first night of sleeping at this old house. Needless to say, I didn't sleep much. I heard all the creeks and sounds the old house made and I kept waking up every hour waiting for the morning, so I could finally wake up Scott. Scott, as pictured, fell asleep within a minute of blowing those candles. Bastard.

As for the Creepy Tree story... I shouldn't have looked around while Scott was in the outhouse. But I did, and as I was flashing the flashlight around the area, I happend to see this tree. For the split of the second what I saw was not a tree -- it was a man morphed into this tree with his mounth distorted and open, and his torso blending with the tree. I couldn't help but scream, even though I regretted it since I knew it was just my eyes playing tricks on me. I still wouldn't actually look at the tree again until Scott would do it with me. We took some photos of this tree at night time. Here's kinda what I saw (click to enlarge):

Here's some more photos:
1. Tree from farther away
2. Tree during daytime
3. Tree's "open gaping mouth with teeth"


said AleX





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