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on 09-05-2008

Quistis does this all the time.

Our cat can be a little thief. She is somewhat fascinated by my bag, and whenever I forget to zip it closed, she digs inside it for treasure. She mostly likes the little plastic kleenex packages I keep there, although she occasionally steaks my eraser. She enjoys the texture and sound of the plastic against her teeth and paws. She is very attracted to plastic bags of any kind, actually. We need to pay attention not to leave any laying around anywhere, because surely she will find it and chew a hole in it. We don't want her eating plastic.

Anyway, back to my bag. This is another object of big fascination for her. It's most amusing to watch her trying to force the bag open with her face. She cannot understand how she can't just push it open like that. She pushes against it forcefully trying to find the best angle and then when she fails she actually GETS MAD. She makes angry annoyed sounds as she tries again this time with irritation in her moves, almost scratching at it. I think she is adorable.

She also enjoys stealing papers. I watched her on many occasions carefully grab a piece of paper in her mouth and slowly pulling it off the table, as if trying to make as little noise as possible. Then she runs off a few feet away with it and begins chewing at it. Chewing often turns into pawing, as she really likes the sound paper makes. One of her favorite toys is a piece of tissue wrapping paper.

We love our little furry troublemaker. She is a very pleasant and amusing little thing and you can expect to see many FARTS with her.

As for the state of FARTS itself. Yes, I am still on hiatus, but I am trying hard to turn this hiatus into a every-other-Friday solid update schedule, until I can get back to to my original weekly schedule. Life is busy. I now realize with great shock and surprise how much more time for comic I had when I was still in school, full-time, with full-time homework and a part-time job. At least I could draw during classes. I used to be able to draw at work during lunch or slow time, but there is just too much work for such luxury now. Anyway, do check back next week, maybe a miracle will happen, but more likely new comic will be up in two weeks, Friday September 19th.

Enjoy whatever summer you have left,
said AleX





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