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on 04-03-2009

Tales from the Cubicle #2

I stopped working at the Camera Store a couple of years ago, but I still have plenty of stories to tell. I have been working my graphic design cubicle job for a couple of years as well, but so far I have been keeping the fact that I make this comic low-key. Funny also happens at the cubicle job, but I don't like to draw my coworkers because I don't really feel comfortable with my FARTS being read around the office (except by Angeliki; Hi Angeliki!). That would make me feel like I should censor myself or I'd get in trouble, or have people pester me to draw them. Maybe once and if I quit this job, I will get more "Tales from the Cubicle" FARTS out there. This one I drew in my sketchbook, thus the non-photo-based backgrounds. I might draw more from time to time, with my coworkers disguised like I did here.

Alright, sleep-time.

Reminder: FARTS is back, but on an every-two weeks schedule.

Happy Spring!
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