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on 05-04-2009

FARTS MOVES TO MONDAYS (every other Monday)

Hello dear readers,

So as I mentioned on Friday, FARTS updates will now be moving to Mondays. This may or may not be just a temporary thing. I found it to be hard to find time to work on the comic during the week, even if it's just putting on finishing touches, uploading it up, and posting a rant. So from now on, FARTS will be up every other Monday.

This week Amy was kinda enough to supply a dorky guestie. Thank you Amy! :) I don't know about you guys, but I love her guesties :) I wish she would make more of them for me. This is just a third one she ever made, and it wasn't even specifically for me. Amy draws little cartoons like that whenever she is bored and/or inspired to do so. I haven't seen many of them myself though. :(

In two weeks regular FARTS will return.

In other news something terrible has happened in my life. After resisting this urge for several years, I broke and started playing SIMS 2. That is a terrible terrible thing. Yes, of course I was big enough of a nerd to make a SIMS2 Alex, Scott, Amy, and Quistis. I also made a Spike from Buffy and I am trying to have him woo Amy. So far so good. This game is so very unproductive but awesome fun, eating hours from my day. I love it. It is a very guilty pleasure for me. I should be working on FARTS or something. I guess you may expect SIMS 2 screenshot fillers if it gets really bad. Lets hope it doesn't come to this...

Be afraid, be very afraid
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