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on 05-18-2009

How are you?

We all know how meaningless "how are you?" is as a greeting. Most people don't care how you are, especially the sales people that greet you. In all my years in retail, I don't think I ever said it to a customer. Why pretend? Salesmen are so used to saying this and hearing "I'm fine, thanks" as a response that they are quite taken back by any other answer. I thought what Scott talk this lady was pretty funny, especially since it was true.

Scott has always taken good care of me, but he pays special attention to my needs whenever I feel crappy. If I have a craving, he doesn't complain, he just goes out to get me or make me whatever. I scored me an awesome man. :) I love you Scott!

Our second wedding anniversary is coming up in a few weeks. I still feel like we are newlyweds and at the same time it's hard to think of a time when Scott and I were not together. Life is good. I just wish I weren't so busy at work and had more time to work on my own projects such as FARTS. This comic marks the end of my buffer. I have no more pre-made FARTS left and only two weeks to make a new comic. Gotto find that free time somewhere, otherwise I will be asking Amy to come to my rescue again with a guestie.. or you'll get SIMS2 FARTS! (oh no!)
But fear not -- there will be something up in two weeks one way or another.

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