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on 06-01-2009


This guestie may contain certain evil that may cause head-exploding allergic reactions to some. If you are receptive to catching tune infections, you may need to stack up on your own musical anti-inflammatory songs before reading this guestie or the other part of this post.

As most of you probably suspected, with my current workload I wasn't able to finish FARTS in time for June 1st. Fortunately one of my awesome fans made me a guestie! Thank you Maw! I have never heard of the banana song until that fateful day that I read this guestie. I went on the internets and listened to the song. I thought it was pretty funny, catchy tune. However after I played it once, it kept playing in my head for the rest of the day.

Scott's only reaction to this guestie was showing me the following flash animation, and saying that this is what he thinks of when he hears this song. I can see this coming true. Let this not happen to you and your friends.

Please check out Maw's his Deviant Art site and Game Depository.

Regular FARTS are coming back in two weeks!

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