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on 06-30-2009

Tales from the Cubicle #3

At the previous location of my current job we used to be on the ground floor overseeing a little garden. The other side of the building was basically a mirror glass. From time to time birds flying from and to the little garden would get confused and fly into the window. It freaked me out every time. Usually they either shook it off right away or took a few minutes to recover to fly away, but unfortunately there also have been some sad casualties. Even so, I miss that location. It was quieter and the garden part was pretty neat. We had rabbits there sometimes. Now I am on a very high floor of a skyscraper and the only wildlife I get to see through my window are the freak spiders. I feel bad for the window washers; those spiders are huge. I wouldn't be surprised if their diet consisted of birds...

..and on that note I go sleep.

said AleX





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