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on 09-28-2009

I think I am back.

So I took a break from FARTS again. The reason is my real job again. It was quite busy and I just didn't have time, energy, or inspiration to work on the comics. Again. Finally I got some of it back though. Hurray! *claps hands and high-fives self*

I have been drawing for a month now. It's not as often as I used to, still, and it's going slow. The main reason why I stopped doing regular weekly FARTS last year was that all the sudden my daily work commute turned from 10-15 minutes one way into over an hour, taking away up to 3 hours of my day. I also stopped having an ability to draw during lunch. Recently I started training myself to draw on the moving, rocking train. So far, so good. Wish me luck. I enjoy making FARTS and recently I got a bunch of good ideas. I cannot guarantee a comic in two weeks, but I will try. I may never get back in making these comics regularly again, but I also never see myself fully quitting them.

So I cut my hair first time in probably 15 years, not including little trims. It was quite a weird sensation at first. I kept swinging my hair from side to side. It's growing back fast though, but expect to see more of this hairdo in my upcoming comics.

Yay for FARTS!
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