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on 10-12-2009

Editor's note: Scott does 100% of the driving

Alex and I recently went on a vacation to Canada, to visit my family and friends. On the return drive, I passed another vehicle and found myself to be unavoidably heading toward a dead skunk as I made my lane change maneuver. I managed a snappy comeback in short order as Alex expressed her concerns over this incident.

Alex has been very busy recently, and I also have found myself unable to make my regular commentaries, as I am typically not near an internet connection. Evidently, this is not the case at the moment, or you would not be reading this.

For the record, Alex has NOT given up on FARTS at all. Her work commute is much longer than it used to be, and other extra-vocational activities have been occupying more of her time than before. In another year or so, we should be living somewhere that will afford her a shorter commute time, and then I will resume my beating of the drum healthy encouragement for her to get back on track with her FARTS schedule, so that BOTH her readers may continue to enjoy what humour we have to offer.

said Scott

on 10-12-2009

We didn't kill it, it was already dead.

Just so you'd know. I wouldn't find killing a skunk funny at all. said AleX





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