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on 01-21-2011

Happy 2011! (let's hope)

Okay, so the new FARTS is up, although I have to admit most of it was drawn a year ago. I have been sitting on about 5 FARTS strips on about a year -- all at different stages of completion. Now I have two completely done, so I am going to post them. I have been getting tired of seeing myself sitting on the toilet whenever I went to look at my FARTS site. So here you go -- you, my fans that actually still remember and check this little website of mine. This comic may not be hilarious, but I think it's a good start for 2011. There will be one more comic up in about 2 weeks (which I do think is, in fact, hilarious)... after that, I don't know.

About this comic -- this is what Scott does to me every single time we have champagne, and this is my reaction every single time he pops open the bottle close to my head. That cork better not hit me!

The TV show Scott and are pictured to be watching is the favorite sci-fi (and tv show in general) of us both. The quote comes from our favorite character. It might be a little grim for a New Year's themed comic, but I thought it was somewhat fitting. Without googling powers, if you can guess either the character quoted or the show, you score major points of awesome with me.

So after a long while of being super-busy with my full-time job and letting it ruin my creative life, I started getting my ass in gear lately and trying to get something done again. I now have a RedBubble portfolio/store. Check it out! I also put up several little things on Etsy, including my accomplishment of 2010: a 2011 Calendar (which is also available through Lulu where you can see all its details). I'm not all the sudden posting FARTS to try to sell my stuff to my fans. I am just letting you know that if you want to follow my art adventures, that's where you now should go. There is very little FARTS-related stuff there anyway.

In other news I am going to start updating Lost in a Sketchbook again sometime soon.. I have not decided whether to do this at the beginning of February or the end yet..

Thus far I give 2011 high five, and I hope you do to.

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